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Deena Dawes

QEC Practitioner

Quantum Energy Coaching is a wonderful coaching tool to assist you in overcoming your limiting and negative beliefs and thought patterns - sometimes ones that you don’t even realise you have. 


QEC is a blend of self-enquiry, and exploration, in partnership with your practitioner, who then works with you to reframe your thinking into the present and the affirmative, and then to embed these new ways of thinking. 

If you would like to explore your core beliefs, work on thoughts and emotions that hold you back, replace negative thoughts with positive and uplifting thoughts, then you have come to the right place.

Find out about Quantum Energy Coaching and what it can do for you.

All sessions also available over zoom.

About Me

Quantum Energy Coaching

With a career of 20+ years in financial services software perhaps QEC was an obvious next step for me - the brain after all is our most powerful computer!  


I discovered QEC as part of my involvement with Well+Life+Tribe, which is an innovative business bringing together a range of wellness practitioners into a community, not only to provide networking and collaboration opportunities but also to promote their therapies, tools and techniques to a wider audience, both small businesses and individual.


I have long been aware that I have a constant critical and negative inner judge but I have never found anything that specifically aims to deal with those feelings and emotions.  For me it really is quite obvious that if you tell yourself you are afraid of something, or you will never achieve something, then you are making it doubly hard, if not impossible, to overcome or succeed.


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