Heart Confetti
Image by Morgan Housel

I love this quote from Jeffrey Kluger in an article “Why you’re pretty much unconscious most of the time”

“The conscious you, in effect, is like a not terribly bright CEO, whose subordinates do all of the research, draft all of the documents, then lay them out and say, “Sign here, sir.” The CEO does—and takes the credit.”   Time.com

QEC was created by Dr Melanie Salmon, a UK based medical doctor and Gestalt Psychotherapist, in her quest to find a better way to work with people.   For more information about Dr Salmon go to www.qecliving.com

What drew me to QEC ?

I’ve always loved the area of cognitive psychology and I am particularly interested in anything neuroscience related and with a background in software perhaps it was inevitable that I would be drawn to QEC.

What areas can QEC help with ?

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Negative thinking

  • Fears and Phobias

  • Unresolved trauma, adult and childhood

  • Inflammation

QEC Coaching sessions can also be delivered over zoom.

Contact me for a complimentary initial chat to see if QEC is right for you ...