Why do I love QEC?

Updated: Jun 14

I was a drawn to QEC because I have long been aware that, in many aspects, I am my own worst critic - my biggest saboteur is me and the constant negative chatter can be exhausting! When I found out that QEC was all about dealing with self-limiting beliefs I just had to try it.

I found I loved it for several reasons ...

The initial gestalt style enquiry process is, in itself, powerful. When do we get the chance to really think about, and explore, how or why we feel the way we do! Then how often do we step outside of that and ask ourselves how we would rather feel, if you are like me then never!

I also love the science, there is more and more evidence and scientific research around the impact of certain types of thinking on our brain waves and our ability to change our neural pathways. Things that were often deemed hardwired, or static, in the past are not so now. There is now a lot of research into areas such as gratitude and meditation. Cultivating gratitude has even been shown to rewire the brain to look for positive input instead of negative input. Whilst only a component of QEC I love that we are reminded to focus on what we are grateful for as part of the process.

It’s a tool that helps you visualise, articulate and embed powerful positive statements and thoughts on such a vast range of areas from life limiting and negative beliefs, low self-esteem, lack of self-acceptance and self-compassion, low self-confidence, motivation, and the wide gamut of trauma that we all, undoubtedly and unwittingly, hold onto in some form or other.

That's why I love QEC, and ultimately why I decided to become a practitioner.

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